I’m well-versed in the tools of the design trade. I use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I’m a Mac user. I have thousands of fonts. I have books and pallettes and paper samples. I have bookmarks in Safari in folders titled “stock images,” “inspiration,” “how-to” and “designers I love.” And yet, one of the most best design tools I’ve found it Skitch.

I use Skitch to take screen snaps of anything on my computer screen. I can snap a photo of myself with my webcam. I can make notes and sketches on the images or I can make rough sketches on a blank canvas. I can export in a variety of appropriate settings. I can upload them to the web, drag and drop into an email or into an application for more editing.

Granted, Skitch isn’t going to replace the Adobe Powerhouse when it’s time to design an 80 page catalog, but along the way, it’s a fantastic little app that makes the job a lot easier.